Monday, June 1, 2020 

MYLAND - No Man's Land
Everything has improved on the 2nd album from Italian AOR band MyLand, the 1st album had a poor production and the songs lacked of strong choruses. But singer Guido Priori and drummer/songwriter Paolo Morbini has worked really hard on the follow up and this time they come up with a pure AOR cracker. "No Man's Land" contains lots of traditional AOR choruses that would do justice on an album by Frontline, Valentine, Hugo or Zeno. Guido deliver a professional vocal performance and believe me, this guy would give the new Journey singer Arnel Pineda a match in imitating Perry. This album also feat. guest performances from Kee Marcello (Europe) & Tommy Denander (Radioactive) and every AOR lover should fall in love with pure AOR anthems such as "One Step Closer", "Someday Love Leaves You Lonely" and "The Wind Of Late September".
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