Thursday, June 4, 2020 

MAGNUM - Into The Valley Of The Moonking
Following enthusiastic reviews and euphoric fan reactions to their 2007 album, Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow, British hard rock legends Magnum are set to follow this up with the release of another first-rate recording. Will see the arrival of their new studio album, Into The Valley Of The Moonking. The band surrounding vocalist Bob Catley and guitarist/songwriter/producer Tony Clarkin have recorded a dozen new songs which sound melodic and rocking, diverse and catchy. “My hope is to make it interesting for anyone who hears the album, so I put great emphasis on lyrics and musical arrangements,” offers Clarkin and can rest assured in view of these impressive tracks that his band’s substantial following will love" Into The Valley Of The Moonking". Magnum shine with a large number of sensitive melodies and gritty hooks, and the track, ‘Moon King’, sees Clarkin get out his blues guitar and proves that Magnum’s vocalist cuts a fine figure in every rock genre. Into The Valley Of The Moon King is new and exciting and features small surprises and intricate details, yet the album definitely continues Magnum’s typical melodic rock tradition. Clarkin: “I think the common ground in all Magnum releases is that we take great pride in making a record and always do the best we can.”
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