Thursday, June 4, 2020 

MODERN SUPERSTAR - Under My Skin ( X Bulletboys & Britny Fox )
A modern rock band featuring ex-members of Bulletboys, Ryche Green and Britny Fox (Jamie Fletcher). Ryche and JamieHAVE spent the past 2 years formulating, creating and writing what is to be their debut releases I Part, II Parts Sinner. Having spent years in their previous bands gave the two musicians invaluable knowledge. Taking the best from their past experiences and add in the fact that the two had met so many industry people and made numerous contacts over time, that Modern Superstar has quickly become a quick reality and continues to move forward on a path not bound by limitations. Ryche and Jamie have stepped "outside the box" to create what they feel as the ultimate rock n' roll sound in I Part Saint, II Parts Sinner. Melodies, hooks, guitars and a sound not outdated is what I Part Saint, II Parts Sinner is all about. Modern Superstar doesn't recreate the wheel, only combined the creative and musical talents of the musicians involved with the best parts of their rock n' roll influeneces, blended them together and thrust them in today's musical environment.
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