Wednesday, May 27, 2020 

MYSTIC PROPHECY - Raven Lord ( W/2 Bonus Tracks )
MYSTIC PROPHECY mainman Roberto Dimitri Liapakis previously stated about "Raven Lord": "MYSTIC PROPHECY is now more than ever in a turning point in their history. 'Fireangel' overcame our expectations and our fans have shown us their support in the best possible way. The tour we did with STRATOVARIUS gave the band the chance to get a very good sense of unity and groove which is generated by every member contributing to whole which finally is presented to the fans. This is what will make a difference in our upcoming album. The feeling of unity, amongst us, enhances the effect we bring out. More power, more feeling, more combined ideas, more diversity, but all in the thread that goes through it all which is MYSTIC PROPHECY. Two minds work better than one, so imagine all five of us contributing equally to the final result. I am confident that we'll do our best to express what's in our souls and hope the fans like it. Up 'till now we seem to have a common ground so this album will only enforce this bond with our fans and help us create new ones." 1. Ravenlord 2. Die Now 3. Eyes Of The Devil 4. Cross Of Lies 5. Endless Fire 6. Wings Of Destiny 7. Damned Tonight 8. Hollow 9. Reckoning Day 10. Back With The Storm Bonus Tracks: 11. Miracle Man (OZZY OSBOURNE COVER) 12. Back With The Storm
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