Monday, May 25, 2020 

MARCHELLO - The Magic Comes Alive
Destiny�, the 1989 via CBS released debut album from MARCHELLO, is a real insider tip among Melodic Rock fans. The same applies to the band�s sophomore album which never got officially released, but circulated as a bootleg entitled �The Power Of Money� or �Marchello II�. The AOR HEAVEN CLASSIX series finally picked up the album for an official release now. Besides a new title �The Magic Comes Alive� the whole album also got remastered. The 14 songs deliver VAN HALEN like rockers (�Boys Night Out�), Hair Metal a la M�TLEY CR�E/RATT (�The Power Of Money�, �Rock Me�), Yngwie Malmsteen like stuff (instrumental �Euphoria�) and AOR in the vein of JOURNEY (�Every Man�s Lover�, �Wall Of Paper�). So with �The Magic Comes Alive� you get everything �people like us� liked to hear back in the 1980�s. Furthermore the album contains a cool cover version of �I Feel Good� from the King Of Soul James Brown. The band�s key-player is Gene Marchello who is a great singer and an amazing guitarist as well. Many musicians value his guitar-playing while fans compare his voice with Steve Perry. However, I also hear some Ted Poley and Vince Neil overtones in his voice. Let�s cut things short: If you liked �Destiny� then make sure to get a copy of �The Magic Comes Alive�. Both albums are of the same caliber! MARCO SP�TH
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