Monday, May 25, 2020 

MANITOU - Deadlock
I guess the most of you are not familiar with MANITOU's 2004 debut album, „The Mad Moon Rising“, since it was released only on a small British label and didn't attract any bigger attention. For the new album the Finnish band caught a deal with Metal Heaven. No wonder, since „Deadlock“ has become an amazing album. The 11 songs don't leave any stone unturned and catapult MANITOU straight into the first league of Melodic Power Metal bands. If I had to draw any comparisons, then I would compare them with ANGEL DUST at the times of „Border Of Reality“. In particularly since the clear and powerful voice of singer Markku Pihlaja sounds very similar to the one of former ANGEL DUST singer Dirk Thurisch. Furthermore you can hear some undeniable similiarties in the guitar work and the songwrititing. Both bands build their songs on dynamic vocal lines, very heavy riffs and some slightly progressive elements. Fortunately MANITOU don't get lost in any endless solos or breaks. Their songs rock straight ahead and don't allow you any deep breathe. The most outstanding tracks are the fast-paced and heavily rocking „Psychoracer“, the dark and balladesque „Swallowing The Dark“, the sudorific and powerful opener „And The Silence Bites“ and the straight headbanger „Waste, Damnation“. If you are not willing to wait any longer for the new ANGEL DUST album, then check out MANITOU's „Deadlock“. You can't get a better bridgeover. MARCO SPÄTH
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