Monday, June 1, 2020 

This is a reissue of Michael Thompson Band's masterpiece How Long on June 8. In order to coincide with the release of Michael Thompson's new band debut album TRW's Rivers of Paradise, Frontiers and Michael agreed that it was a perfect time to re-release this masterpiece on the same day. In 1988, after working to try and get a deal with his band Slang for several years, Thompson got signed by Geffen Records to release one album entitled How Long, under the Michael Thompson Band (MTB) moniker. The singer for this group was Rick 'Moon' Calhoun, previously front man for the AOR cult band The Strand, Michael's long time friend. Completing the line-up were another bunch of highly respected studio professionals such as John Andrew Schreiner (on keyboards), Leon Gaer (bass), John Keane (drums). On How Long more musicians appeared, in particular drummer-maestro Terry Bozzio, Pat Torpey (of Mr Big), bassist Jimmy Haslip, ex Kansas vocalist John Elefante, Toto's Bobby Kimball and Great White associates Michael Lardie and Wyn Davis (who also produced the album). As of today How Long is regarded as one of the highest examples of hi-tech AOR / West Coast, with a superb production and immaculate songwriting. During the years it became more and more of a collector's item and the prices paid on E-bay exceeded 80 dollars! This 2007 reissue comes completely remastered and adds two songs which were recorded during the original sessions and the first fruit of a reunion between Michael, Moon Calhoun and songwriter Jeff Paris entitled Wheelchair, an appetizer for an upcoming brand new album to be expected sometime in 2008! Final tracklisting of the How Long reissue shall be: Secret Information; Give Love a Chance; 1000 Nights; Wasteland; Never Stop Falling; Can t Miss; Gloria; Stranger; Baby Come Back; How Long; Right To Be Wrong (bonus track); Love Goes On (bonus track); Wheelchair (new song).
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