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RAMOS HUGO - The Dream

RAMOS/HUGO is one of the most exciting new partnership in the Melodic Rock World. Josh RAMOS is the former axeman of THE STORM, TWO FIRES and currently HARDLINE member. His guitar style has been admired by many and often compared to Neal Schon of Journey. HUGO Valenti is instead a true AOR legend having been frontman for RCA recording artist VALENTINE and OPEN SKYZ and with 3 solo albums released. He is considered by many AOR fans as the most credible heir of JOURNEY’s Steve Perry vocal style.

RAMOS and HUGO have created together a perfect Melodic Rock album which melts the heavier style of VALENTINE with the classic JOURNEY sound and style.

Helped by some amazing musicians of the scene (including bass player Fab Grossi, ivory tinkler Eric Ragno and John Macaluso on drums) and with a mix handled by studio wizard Dennis Ward (PC 69 and countless others) “The Dream” is the AOR-fan wet dream of the year!