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LYNAM - Tragic City Symphony


Birmingham, Alabama's power rock trio, LYNAM are back with their long awaited new recording, 'Tragic City Symphony'.
Once again, LYNAM has put together a rock and roll experience that speaks to everyone. If the boys were aiming to bring their high energy, fun loving, rocking you out of your socks live performances to a stereo near you, then they fully achieved their goal and in doing so, captured the essence of what great music is and what a great rock band is and should be. The new album is loaded with HUGE choruses, stadium sounding drums, tons of cocksure attitude and a whole lot of guitars that will blow your speakers to smithereens once you press play. If there was an album that was made to be played in a stadium, this is it. The album opens with "Is This A Heartbreak Or A Loaded Gun" this song screams "Arena Anthem" from the get go! Jacob Lynam's use of the "Voice Box" would make Mr. Frampton proud! Hard rock with a heavy pop sensibility served up to perfection. Let's just say, if you're a rocker, and this song doesn't get the head moving, it's time for some Barry Manilow! "Enemy" is another balls to the wall rocker that will have you banging your heads, with Tom Keifer of Cinderella and the boys from Hinder on gang vocals. The leadoff single, "Save My Soul" is a guitar driven rocker that will get your rocks off in no time flat. Then you have "White Trash Superstar" a song the band dedicated to their fan club. When it comes down to it, all these songs are great, there is no filler here. So catchy and melodic, you will be humming and singing along, after a listen or two. Lynam is a long overdue breath of fresh air with a very fresh sound. Let's hope the youth of today can figure that out too and not just the people who remember what great music was all about. 'Tragic City Symphony' is one of those rare albums where every song fits every mood. Never have I heard a band that is more true to themselves and their own style than this band. LYNAM fans, and all rock fans, I strongly recommend this album for you.