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RAVEN - Walk Through Fire


According to the pages of the various Heavy Metal outlets, the labels legendary , innovative , true originals as well as f**k!ng crazy!! have been rightfully pinned upon Raven over the years. The unique personality, power and humor of the three band members have always shone through...the crazed vocals and bass playing of John Gallagher, the full frontal guitar assault of brother Mark Gallagher and the punishing polyrhythmic pounding of drummer Joe Hasselvander all combine to form a sonic battering ram unique in rock!

From the well documented early days as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) frontrunners, their albums Rock Until You Drop , Wiped Out and All For One virtually inventing both the speed metal & power metal genres. During the trailblazing USA tours of the 80 s/early 90 s when a grunge obsessed media wrote off so many acts, Raven has consistently proved to be survivors par excellence and, in a genre of grim imitation, shown that they are the real thing . Where so many of their contemporaries have either faded creatively or become parodies of themselves, Raven have consistently pushed the envelope while retaining their unique sound and attack, both in the studio and in their true element; the stage!

Following through a forced layoff through half of the last decade due to Mark Gallagher s long recuperation from a serious accident, the band have fought back with a number of European festival appearances, a UK tour in 2008 and a triumphant jaunt in Japan in 2009. And now, the band unleashes the best album they ve done in many years, Walk Through The Fire . This, quite simply, is the real deal; the right songs, the right sound, and the right feel. Guaranteed to rip yer head off!