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From the very first tune, "Badjune", sit up and take notice. Rockarma's music is so tight, so melodic and so perfect that you will be projected back in time. Back to an era when good-time, rock-hard, party-hard, bring-on-the-girls type Rock N Roll ruled. And if you didn't grow up in that era, "Bring It!" will make you will wish that you did! "Get Me Outta This Hole" is the obligatory anthem song that every Hair Metal band places on their cd! The title track "Bring It!" tells a short tale of success, which is exactly what this entire cd encompasses. And the last tune on the cd, "Same Ol Song" is a wonderfully bluesy effort that will leave you with two thoughts racing through your mind: This was a great cd that I've gotta play it again right now!" Every song is of the highest quality in both musicianship and production. This four man, Canadian band has given us a CD with all the qualities to make it a choice for top Rock cd of the year.

Track Listing

•Between You N Me
•All 4 You
•Get Me Outta This Hole
•I Know
•Missing You
•Bring It!
•Here After
•Feels Like Im Fallin
•Lets Go
•That's All
•Same Ol Song