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REZET - Have Gun, Will Travel

REZET have been playing their neck-breaking maniacal brand of thrash metal long before the big nu-thrash hype of the last years. Originally formed already in 2003, they have played tons of pounding shows, supporting the likes of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, TANKARD, BAPHOMET'S BLOOD, GAMA BOMB, AGENT STEEL or VIOLATOR, played at the "Wacken Open Air" in 2009, released several demos and made themselves a name because of their live shows.

Metalnews [GER] 7/10
HeavyHardes [GER] 5/6

1. Red Alert
2. Toxic Avenger
3. Metal Rite
4. Altar of Satan
5. Steamrolling the Society
6. Have gun, will travel
7. The Final Breath
8. Fallen Angels