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RAISING FEAR - Eternal Creed


After the great success of Mythos, the confirmation with Avalon and, after having being on stage along with the best act of international metal (DIO,SAXON, JAG PANZER, GRAVE DIGGER, EXCITER, VICIOUS RUMORS, RUFFIANS, BROCAS HELM…), the band is now ready to introduce the third chapter of Wolfram Saga, the Elect, the Time Traveller, now placed in the Ancient Egypt, where our hero will face the journey to reach "The Other Side" described in the Souls’ Book.

Even for this third chapter the production has been committed to Remaster Studio of “BB Nick” di Savio , where it has been forged the new masterpiece that finally defines the real inner style of the band, caracterized by a pure Heavy Metal, rich of killer riffs, double guitars, a scratching and screaming voice and a bone crushing rythmic section.
Raising Fear are back, and they will bring you in a world where only the real fans of the purest metal can have access.