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MAX PIE - Initial Process

Started in 2005 with the goal to play songs of legends such Ac/dc, Deep purple, Whitesnake, MAX PIE plays as a cover band ‘til 2008. Finding a solid line-up and the desire to create their own songs getting high month by month, MAX PIE decides to keep the name but writing own tracks influenced by the Heavy/prog/metal scene and characterized by power, aggressive, melodic and progressive elements in order to create ... the MAX PIE touch. The result is a first full length “Initial Process”, including 8 tracks of pure emotion and Heavy Prog metal as its best.
For fans of Rhapsody, Kamelot, Symphony X

1. A soldier’s dead
2. Formatted mind
3. When you’re gone
4. Like a september day
5. Crawlin‘
6. Come tom y grave
7. Lords of darkness
8. In the air