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ROXUS - Night Street ( Remastered + 1)

When it comes to Riff Rock, then countless great bands from Australia come to your mind. But when it comes to Melodic Rock music, then it’s very challenging to name more than two or three bands who really left a mark. One of them definitely might be ROXUS whose one and only album “Night Street” of the year 1992 is a true classic! Even though the album was never officially released in Europe, it found many fans over here. The original album features ten perfectly composed Melodic Rock songs which can be described as a mixture of early BON JOVI and CROWN OF THORNS with a big shot of WARRANT. While an anthem like “Midnight Love” or the power ballad “This Time” would have fit well on one of BON JOVI’s first albums or the CROWN OF THORNS debut, the party rocker “Bad Boys” sounds like it was originally written for WARRANT’s “Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich” album. The same applies to the sentimental ballad “Jimi G” that can definitely keep up with WARRANT hits like “Heaven” or “I Saw Red”. One of ROXUS’ biggest plus factors was singer Juno Roxas. His powerful and emotional vocals added a certain something to all the songs. Producer Mark Opitz (a. o. INXS) did a great job and found the perfect balance between guitars and keyboards. The AOR HEAVEN CLASSIX reissue features a remastered sound by Chris Lyne (SOUL DOCTOR), liner notes penned by Dave Reynolds and the awesome bonus track “Body Heat”. If “Night Street” is still missing in your collection, then finally go and fill this embarrassing gap!