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ReinXeed - Welcome To The Theater


‘Welcome To The Theater', the fifth album by Reinxeed, differs little from their previous releases. So this album is also peppered with nimble-fingered guitar solos, bombastic keyboards, catchy melodies and neoclassical power metal. Wonderful tracks like 'Save Us', 'Freedom', 'Temple Of The Crystal Skulls’ or the title track are the result. Tommy is not doing all of this by himself: Alfred Fridhagen is doing the drums, Calle Sundberg the guitar work and background vocals and Nic Steel plays the bass.
On the previous album '1912’ (a concept album about the Titanic, 2011) there was already a significant improvement to be heard in the layered vocals and choirs and Tommy managed to improve on vocal area. That line is continued on the new album, at which especially the vocal quality of Tommy stands out. There is also room for something more theatrical, symphonic elements and more layers of atmospheric keyboards. It fits the theme of the album perfectly. Johansson his love for films and film music is reflected in the fact that ‘Welcome To The Theatre’ is a concept album, based on various films. Titles that you will encounter, include Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (‘Temple Of The Crystal Skulls’), Jurassic Park (‘Life Will Find A Way’), Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (’On Stranger Tides), Somewhere In Time (‘Somewhere In Time') and Terminator 2: Judgement Day (‘No Fate’).

Like the previous albums ‘Welcome To The Theater’ is an album that will do well with fans of fast, bombastic power metal. You will have little or no change that you will come across something new and rejuvenates. But in this case that is no problem at all.