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REVERENCE - When Darkness Calls ( Savatage Tokyo Blade Burning Starr )


REVERENCE was brought to life in 2010, so this band is a new be, but the members certainly aren’t since REVERENCE features members from: TOKYO BLADE, SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY and JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR. So REVERENCE’s a band that does contain a lot of experience and that does show very clearly on their heavy power metal debut album “When Darkness Calls”, brought through Razar Ice Records. Lucky me that I did get the chance to listen to this kick ass album and write a review.

Being experienced doesn’t always mean being able to put down a great album, but in this case it does, also because the chemistry between the members of REVERENCE does feel sincere and very powerful. And chemistry together isn’t something you can just buy. It’s simply not always there, no matter how experienced members are, but when the team chemistry between the members is there, the music gains an extra dimension and that’s always a treat for the listener in special at live concerts.

REVERENCE did put down a powerful heavy and passionate album with “When Darkness Calls”. According to their Facebook page they like JUDAS PRIEST, DIO, PRIMAL FEAR, SAVATAGE and QUEENSRYCH and that shows. Not that REVERENCE does sound like any of them, but because their sound can be found somewhere in between all of them with their own sound. A sound that makes this Metal head happy. So weird that sometimes music can make me feel more at home than people can. Have been to strange places where I had never been before, but where I felt at home right away because they played the music I love. Well that’s how “When Darkness Calls” made me feel right from the start. At home.

“When Darkness Calls” contains great bass work, wonderful guitar work, smashing drum work, amazing vocal work and chemistry teamwork, brought together in a tour through dark places and over Heavy Metal roads on a powerful motorcycle to make you feel the hot, the cold and wind rush by while riding the powerful steel horse touring the places where darkness calls. Every song has its own strength to hold water and stand, giving this album the energy to grow your hair and let the wind rush by. Guess that REVERENCE did get me hooked with their masterpiece called “When Darkness Calls”.