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AXEHAMMER - Marching On

AXEHAMMER (hailing from L.A.) was formed in 1981 and had a first demo out in 1983 but no luck. Tracks for a full album were recorded in late 1986/early 1987 but nothing was ever released. The band went on hiatus only to see a compilation CD facing the day in 1998. The band finally came back in 2005 recording their first official studio CD entitled �Windrider�, a wonderful piece of molten American Metal with an epic touch. Now, 7 years later, AXEHAMMER come back with a brand new album and all I have to say is massive from start to finish. Fans of mid-80s IRON MAIDEN, OMEN and JAG PANZER do not let this one pass by. We�re talking �bout an out-of-nowhere surprise here. All hail AXEHAMMER!