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AXE - Live 2012 ( Cd / Dvd Set )

Axe performed at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2012 and were captured live for the first time ever by six HD video camera crews.

The lineup consisted of Bobby Barth (guitar, vocals), Bob Harris (vocals), Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards, vocals), Mario Percudani (guitar, vocals), Gerald Berger (bass) and Alessandro Mori (drums).

Barth recruited former Frank Zappa engineer Mark Pinske and Ben Watts to help with the video production and the result is a stunningly brilliant DVD and CD of that concert sure to please and amaze Axe fans of all ages.

Track Listing - CD & DVD:
1. The Crown 2. Burn The City Down 3. Battles 4. Magic In Our Eyes 5. Sting Of The Rain 6. Jennifer 7. Steal Another Fantasy 8. Back On The Streets 9. Forever 10. Children's Memory 11. Heroes And Legends 12. Rock N Roll Party In The Streets.