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UNISONIC - Light Of Dawn ( Deluxe 2- Cd )

Another masterpiece of melodic metal with 13 metal anthems and no filler in sight from the super group (Michael Kiske (v), Kai Hansen (g), Mandy Meyer (g), Dennis Ward (b) and Kosta Zafiriou (d) - a classic in the making. Deluxe edition digi pack, 1 bonus.

1 Venite
2.0 2 Your time has come
3 Exceptional
4 For the kingdom
5 Not gonna take anymore
6 Night of the long knives
7 Find shelter
8 Blood
9 When the deed is done
10 Throne of the dawn
11 Manhunter
12 You and I

Bonus CD

"For The Kingdom" - 4:58
"You Come Undone" (EP exclusive song) - 3:48
"Unisonic" (live) (Mandy Meyer, Kai Hansen) - 6:00
"Never Too Late" (live) (Kai Hansen) - 4:36
"Star Rider" (live) (Dennis Ward, Kai Hansen) - 4:07
"Souls Alive" (live) (Mandy Meyer) - 5:53
My sanctuary
Sould Alive
I want out