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MAVERICK - Quid Pro Quo Re issue

Reissue of the debut album which has been out of print for a long time.
The reissue of this masterpiece will have a new cover.

This cover was planned to become the original one but was changed last minute.

The also out of print, previous released EP “Talk''''''''s Cheap”, will be included as a bonus for the fans.

1. Event Horizon,
2. Snakeskin Sinner,
3. Paint By Numbers,
4. Got It Bad,
5. In Our Blood,
6. Quid Pro Quo (One More Day),
7. Electric,
8. Rock''''''''n Roll Lady,
9. Shackled,
10. Last Addiction,
11. Side By Side,
12. Took The Night,
13. Top Heavy (Version 2014),
14. Maverick,
15. Cat Got Your Tongue,
16. Hellfire And Brimstone,
17. Top Heavy,
18. Easy Come, Easy Go