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SAXON - Let Me Feel Your Power (Box Set)

British heavy metal legends Saxon unleash Let Me Feel Your Power, their 10th live album. The 16 track album was recorded in Munich during November 2015 and Brighton in January 2016, with bonus materials from Chicago in September 2015. Let Me Feel Your Power will be available as a limited edition deluxe vinyl version which will also include the blu-ray, CDs and a download code.

Disc: 1

1. Battering Ram (Live In Munich)
2. Motorcycle Man (Live In Munich)
3. Sacrifice (Live In Munich)
4. Destroyer (Live In Munich)
5. Power And The Glory (Live In Munich)

Disc: 2

1. 20,000 Feet (Live In Munich)
2. The Devil's Footprint (Live In Munich)
3. Heavy Metal Thunder (Live In Munich)
4. Queen Of Hearts (Live In Munich)
5. Princess Of The Night (Live In Munich)

Disc: 3

1. Wheels Of Steel (Live In Munich)
2. Denim And Leather (Live In Munich)
3. Crusader (Live In Munich)

Disc: 4

1. Eye Of The Storm (Live In Brighton)
2. Battalions Of Steel (Live In Brighton)
3. Requiem (Live In Brighton)

Disc: 5

1. Let Me Feel Your Power - Bluray