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NAZARETH - Loud & Proud: The Box Set

Massive 41 disc (vinyl and CD plus memorabilia) set from the Scottish rock legends. Includes 180gm vinyl edition of Rampant (1974), picture disc of Expect No Mercy (1977), vinyl LP pressing of BBC Rock Hour - Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1980, and double vinyl LP pressing of Turn On Your Receiver - The BBC Bob Harris Sessions 1972-74. Also includes CD pressings of 23 original studio albums and two original live albums: Nazareth (1971) Exercises (1972) Razamanaz (1973) Loud ''''''''N'''''''' Proud (1973) Rampant (1974) Hair Of The Dog (1975) Close Enough For Rock ''''''''N'''''''' Roll (1976) Play ''''''''N'''''''' The Game (1976) Expect No Mercy (1977) No Mean City (1979) Malice In Wonderland (1980) The Fool Circle (1981) ''''''''Snaz (1981, Live, 2CD) 2XS (1982) Sound Elixir (1983) The Catch (1984) Cinema (1986) Snakes ''''''''N'''''''' Ladders (1989) No Jive (1991) Move Me (1994) Boogaloo (1998) Homecoming (2002, Live) The Newz (2008) Big Dogz (2011) and Rock ''''''''N'''''''' Roll Telephone (2014). Also includes three CD set containing singles, EPs, B-Sides and Bonus Tracks and a three CD set of rare and unlreased tracks. The 7" inch singles include Broken Down Angel (Japanese cover) / Bad, Bad Boy (Yugoslavian cover) This Flight Tonight (French cover) / Shanghai''''''''d In Shanghai (Japanese cover) Love Hurts (Japanese cover) / My White Bicycle Finally, this set includes 52 page, 12"square, hardback photobook and reproduced memorabilia featuring a 1974 tour program, 1979 tour program, 1980 European tour poster, Bad, Bad Boy lyric sheet, Broken Down Angel lyric sheet, 1974 Rampant album $1 bill sticker and metal badge.