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VIRGIN SEELE - Guardians Of The Flame

Second album of legendary US Heavy Metal act VIRGIN STEELE, originally released in 1983, and now it is considered as one of the best 80s Heavy Metal albums! New 2018 deluxe reissue on CD format.

01.Don''t Say Goodbye (Tonight),
02.Burn The Sun,
03.Life Of Crime,
04.The Redeemer,
05.Birth Trough Fire,
06.Guardians Of The Flame,
07.Metal City,
08.Hell Or High Water,
09.Go All The Way,
10.A Cry In The Night

Bonus Tracks: cd ONLY

11.I Am The One (EP bonus),
12.Go Down Fighting (EP bonus),
13.Wait For The Night (EP bonus),
14.Great Sword Of Flame (live),
15.Rising Unchained (alternate version),
16.Blighted Spring (new bonus track),
17.Self Crucifixion (demo version),
18.Love & Death (demo version)