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BLACK MAJESTY - The 10 Years Royal Collection

2018 release. Australia''''s high decibel metal scene is subject to certain rules. Because of the immense distance many of the hundreds of promising newcomers on the Australian scene never make it across the pond. The few combos who do manage to make the trip to Europe are a huge enhancement for the European scene. Black Majesty is one such band and, with their first five albums under their belt, have proved that groups from down under can easily match themselves against their colleagues of the Old World and enjoy an ever-growing number of fans of their own. Melodic Power Metal is nothing new these days, but it is the little things such as an innate knack for musical finesses, which raises a band from the rest of the scene. Superb Power Metal with lots of melodies, finely spun prog elements and a huge portion of sheer joy and unbroken enthusiasm are the chief characteristics of Black Majesty. The Best Of contains songs of the first five albums, as well as rare Japan bonus tracks, acoustic versions and previously unreleased songs and demos.

1 Fall of the Reich
2 Legacy
3 Sands of Time
4 Dragon Reborn
5 Silent Company
6 Six Ribbons (Jon English Tribute)
7 Firestorm
8 Forever Damned
9 Into the Black
10 Tomorrowland
11 Far Beyond
12 Break These Chains
13 Wish You Well
14 Falling
15 Holy Killers
16 Edge of the World
17 Disc 2: Chasing Time
18 Guardian (Acoustic Version)
19 Kingdoms
20 Memories
21 Silent Company (Acoustic Version)
22 Two Hearts
23 Hunt for You
24 Shine
25 Lycan
26 Everlasting (Previously Unreleased)
27 Forever Damned (Live)
28 Dying Innocence (Demo)
29 Take Me (Demo)
30 Sands of Time (Demo)
31 Journeys End (Demo)