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PHENOMENA - Dream Runner -Remastered -

Digitally remastered edition of this album from the prog rock band. Phenomena II - Dream Runner is an all-star album from 1987, created by Tom Galley, and features the hit single "Did It All For Love" which was a #1 across South America, along with the special guests. This definitive edition has received a 2018 remaster and the booklet features new liner notes, including new comments from Tom Galley, along with alternative artwork and rare pictures. This re-release has been fully endorsed by Tom Galley.

1 Stop!
2 Surrender
3 Did It All for Love
4 Hearts on Fire
5 Jukebox
6 Double 6, 55, Double 4
7 No Retreat, No Surrender
8 Move - You Lose!
9 Emotion Mama
10 It Must Be Love