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PHENOMENA - Innervision -Remastered -

Digitally remastered edition of this album from the prog rock band. Phenomena III - Innervision from 1993 completes the all-star Phenomena trilogy, as created by Tom Galley, and features the special guests: Brian May, Scott Gorham, Michael Sturgis, Keith Murrell, Leif Johansen. This definitive edition has received a 2018 remaster and the booklet features new liner notes, including new comments from Tom Galley, along with alternative artwork and rare pictures. This re-release has been fully endorsed by Tom Galley, who has supplied the originally intended front cover artwork, which appears for the first time ever!

1 Rock House
2 Banzai
3 What About Love?
4 Into the Fire
5 A Whole Lotta Love
6 Secret of Love
7 If You Want to Rock
8 How Much Do You Love Me?
9 Shape It Up
10 Rock My Soul