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ELUVEITIE - Slania -10 Years -

How time flies - hard to believe that it''''s already 10 years since we''''ve released this album! These last ten years have been incredibly intense, they led us through many a trial and brought us a myriad of blessings. They''''ve led us to countless places all around this earth. And all through the years, the songs of this album were with us and we''''re still playing them live today! So we''''re proud of "Slania" and we''''re really happy with this re-release and also pretty excited about the bonus goodies it comes with! We hope you''''ll enjoy as much as we do! Cheers!"- Eluveitie vocalist, stringed/wind instrumentalist, and mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann

1 Samon
2 Primordial Breath
3 Inis Mona
4 Grey Sublime Archon
5 Anagantios
6 Bloodstained Ground
7 The Somber Lay
8 Slanias Song
9 Giamonios
10 Tarvos
11 Calling the Rain
12 Elembivos
13 Samon (Acoustic Version)
14 Interview with Slania
15 Samon (Demo)
16 Primordial Breath (Demo)
17 Inis Mona (Demo)
18 Bloodstained Ground (Demo)
19 Tarvos (Demo)