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BLOODBOUND - Rise Of The Dragon Empire - Limited Box Set -

Two years after their first chart entry in Germany with "War Of Dragons" and an almost completely sold out headliner tour, BLOODBOUND are back with their eagerly anticipated new album "Rise Of The Dragon Empire". One has to make a compliment towards the six swedes as "Rise Of The Dragon Empire" is full of hits, hits and again hits! The band further refined their formula and now comes up with the best material in their entire career. Even if Bloodbound add their own taste, "Rise Of The Dragon Empire" will not only thrill their numerous fans, but also fans of Sabaton, Powerwolf and even Nightwish.

- Disc 1 -

1 Rise of the Dragon Empire
2 Slayer of Kings
3 Skyriders and Stormbringers
4 Magical Eye
5 Blackwater Bay
6 Giants of Heaven
7 The Warlock''''''''s Trail
8 A Blessing in Sorcery
9 Breaking the Beast
10 Balerionreign of Fire

- Disc 2 -

1 DVD: Bloodtale
2 Battle in the Sky
3 Stand and Fight
4 In the Name of Metal
5 Stormborn
6 When All Lights Fail
7 Moria
8 Silver Wings
9 Dragons Are Forever
10 Nosferatu
11 Made of Steel