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EMN (Every Mother''''''''''''''''s Nightmare) continues to forge ahead some 32 years since storming on the scene in 1987. One of their most sough after releases, BACKTRAXX is now being reissued with bonus tracks. The band continues to build on it''''''''''''''''s foundation amassing fans of old and new becoming a consistent draw across the United States and now Europe.

1 Southern Way
2 Muddy Water
3 Seasons Change
4 Ride the Train
5 Lookin'''''''''''''''' in
6 Stoned on TV
7 Dawg
8 Sorrow
9 River
10 Outside the Circle
11 Too Far Gone
12 Bled
13 Hidden
14 Shotgun [Traxx Demo Session]
15 Sunday [Traxx Demo Session]
16 Young Man Blues [Traxx Demo Session]