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KAISAS - Martyria

Third full length album from multinational hard rock band KAISAS. In a modern Heavy Rock world, dominated on one side by brutal metal bands, and on the other, by melodic rock enthusiasts, Kaisas dares to stand out, by having created a brand of their own. Combining the power and melody that run through a lot of the classic hard rock/heavy metal days, up till the early 90s, Kaisas is taking us on a trip back in time!

1. Calling From Another World
2. Burniní Wheels Oí Fire
3. Bloody Red
4. For Freedom
5. Cold Feelings
6. Filthy Lyiní System
7. Canít Fight In Dreams
8. Steaminí
9. Meet Cpt. Death
10. Whores Of Babylon
11. Canít Hide The Pain
12. Heaven Denied
13. Modern Day Apocalypse