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Sweet Oblivion is a new metal project featuring legendary former Queensryche and current Operation: Mindcrime singer Geoff Tate together with a team of skilled Italian musicians put together by Simone Mularoni, the mastermind behind prog metal masters DGM. The idea for Sweet Oblivion was to create a musical landscape for Tate which was akin to the sound of the metal albums he released with Queensryche during the 80''''s, along with some other different musical influences thrown in to sweet the pot. Musically, this album offers a collection of songs showcasing the great songwriting and performing talents of Mularoni and his cast of musicians and marks a very welcomed return for Tate to a style that he made famous along with his previous bandmates.

1 True Colors
2 Sweet Oblivion
3 Behind Your Eyes
4 Hide Away
5 My Last Story
6 A Recess from My Fate
7 Transition
8 Disconnect
9 The Deceiver
10 Seek the Light