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BEYOND THE BLACK - Heart Of The Hurricane Black Edition -

Beyond the Black - energetic, straight forward, uncompromising, symphonic metal. Where others still lose themselves in colorful descriptions, this band has already set it''''s next course and is heading with full force right into the "Heart Of The Hurricane". The their third album was metaphorically where Beyond the Black were 2018. And as they''''re still on the same high that threw them on some of the biggest stages they played so far, the charismatic and powerful band based around Jennifer Haben decided to re-release "Heart Of The Hurricane" as Black Edition with 3 bonus tracks and a Best Of CD compromising the best songs from their previous two albums. But these bonus tracks are no leftovers from some old recording session - they are consequent beacons leading into the future and all that is to come for Beyond the Black. At the same time their first two albums "Lost In Forever" and "Songs Of Love And Death" will be physically released for the first time outside of GAS.

- Disc 1 -

1 Hysteria
2 Heart of the Hurricane
3 Through the Mirror
4 Million Lightyears
5 Song for the Godless
6 Escape from the Earth
7 Beneath a Blackened Sky
8 Fairytale of Doom
9 My God Is Dead
10 Dear Death
11 Scream for Me
12 Freedom
13 Breeze
14 Echo from the Past
15 Parade
16 Spiderweb of Eyes
17 We Will Find a Way
18 Still Breathing

- Disc 2 -

1 In the Shadows
2 Lost in Forever
3 When Angels Fall
4 Beautiful Lies
5 Songs of Love and Death
6 Hallelujah
7 Love''''s a Burden
8 Unbroken
9 Written in Blood
10 Night Will Fade
11 Love Me Forever
12 Forget My Name (Re-Recorded)
13 Shine and Shade