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NITROGODS - Rebel Dayz

Fasten your seatbelts, Nitrogods are back with a new album, which was - as usual - written, recorded and produced by the band itself. With the new record, entitled "Rebel Dayz", Nitrogods are as close to their live sound as never before! Needless to say, that the trio is very proud of having achieved this! In terms of the lyrics, Nitrogods payed a little bit more attention to interpersonal topics, but don''''t you worry, there is still plenty of beery content! The mixing duties were handled by Achim Köhler who made sure that the album comes with a straightforward sound! Get ready for a massive dose of raw and dirty rock ''''n'''' roll! Nitrogods are also going on a headliner tour - dubbed "Rebel Dayz - Tour 2019" - through Germany, Austria and Switzerland this October/November, along with their label mates Psychopunch as well as Maxxwell - don''''t miss it!

1 Breaking Loose
2 Zoom the Broom
3 We''''ll Bring the House Down
4 415 DV
5 Get Lost
6 It''''s Not Your Rock ''''N'''' Roll
7 Rebel Dayz
8 Blind As a Stone
9 Roadwork Ahead
10 Murder''''s a Ritual
11 Walk the Track
12 The Haze
13 Go Fast
14 Don''''t Call My Nam