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DIVIDED MULTITUDE - Faceless Aggressor

Norwegian progressive power metal band Divided Multitude debuted on the scene in 1999 with ''''''''Inner Self''''''''. The experienced band now makes a huge leap forward with their new album ''''''''Faceless Aggressor'''''''': It''''''''s not only their first to feature new vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad (one of the best vocalists in Scandinavia) but shows the band matured and fresh like never before. ''''''''Faceless Aggressor'''''''' was mixed and mastered by the highly acclaimed Jacob Hansen (Primal Fear, Volbeat, Evergrey, Pretty Maids), who secureda massive and transparent sound. Guests on the album''''''''s monumental closing track are Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) and Ida Haukland (Triosphere). ''''''''Faceless Aggressor'''''''' is a must-have for all fans of bands such as Symphony X, Pagan''''''''s Mind, Vanden Plas, Evergrey and Pyramaze.

1 Chapter 2
2 Faceless Aggressor
3 Counterparts
4 Divided Multitude
5 Uninvited
6 Prosperity Divine (The Machine of Mammon)
7 False Prophecy
8 Evolve
9 Out of the Ashes
10 Psalm of a Soldier