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GREAT WHITE - The Roots Of - Dante Fox Great White

From the vault of powerhouse vocalist, Jack Russell, comes this almost lost gem of early demo recordings featuring Russell''''s earliest recorded collaborations with guitarist Mark Kendall, which formed the foundation of ''''80s hard rock icons Great White!

Includes songs that would eventually find their way onto Great White''''s 1984 self-titled debut album such as "In Love" (later re-written as "On Your Knees") and "Money" (later rewritten as "Stick It")! Available on both CD and limited edition BLUE vinyl!

1 In Love
2 Last Time
3 Motor Love
4 Money
5 Head Over Heels
6 There''''s No Way
7 Front Row Girl
8 The Strike
9 Bead in the Rain
10 Lonnie Never Lied
11 Stay Away
12 Need Your Love
13 On the Run
14 She''''s Got Fever
15 Calling You
16 Space Age Rock
17 The Blues