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METALITE - Biomechanicals

The future is close: And she looks pretty overwhelming. Two years after their exciting debut "Heroes In Time", the Swedish Melodic Metal renewers Metalite return with a new singer and a giant musical masterstroke. This band could be the new heroes of Modern Metal - trendsetting, epic and of highest quality. Influenced by the concept of bands like Within Temptation, the quintet from Stockholm reinvents classic Melodic Metal - and unleashes a storm of power, monumentality and zeitgeist, that you cannot escape. A flaming fire inside, sparked off by another high-end production of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe), Metalite are more than ready for their next step. It could be a very big one.

1 Far from the Sanctuary
2 Apocalypse
3 Biomechanicals
4 Warrior
5 Mind of a Monster
6 World on Fire
7 Eye of the Storm
8 Breakaway
9 Social Butterflies
10 Rise of the Phoenix
11 Victory or Death