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VOYAGER - Colours In The Sun

Voyager explode like a supernova onto the worldwide stage with their new Season of Mist album Colours In the Sun. The Australians radiate an ultra-modern and prismatic hard rock that delivers on their promise of "epic electro progressive power pop metal." Each of the album''''s ten tracks are bright, vibrant hook-laden affairs that resonate long after listening. Voyager deliver the perfect storm of modern hard rock song craft, and Colours In the Sun is a vivid, uplifting, and exhilarating album experience.

1 Colours
2 Severomance
3 Brightstar
4 Saccharine Dream
5 Entropy (Feat. Einar Solberg)
6 Reconnected
7 Now or Never
8 Sign of the Times
9 Water Over the Bridge
10 Runaway