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FASTWAY - Trick Or Treat -Remastered -

Special Limited Deluxe Collector''''''''s Edition / Fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology / Features Fast Eddie Clarke (Motorhead) and vocalist Dave King / 16 page full color booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork, memorabilia, rare photos and quotes from Fast Eddie Clarke. FASTWAY ROARED OUT of the starting block in 1983 with all cylinders firing. Their self-titled debut album made a huge splash, particularly in North America where the record achieved gold status in a matter of months and signaled their arrival as major contenders in the hard rock sphere. It was a particularly rewarding experience for their founding member, guitarist ''''''''Fast'''''''' Eddie Clarke, who had recently left Motorhead under aggravated circumstances. But, even Fastway''''''''s formative steps proved fractious when former UFO bassist Pete Way jumped ship before a note was even recorded. Despite the band''''''''s fast acceptance and good fortune with their debut album, subsequent albums failed to capitalize on that success, leaving the band to commercially flounder, despite providing a slew of captivating tracks, solid song writing and a sound and swagger crafted from the very best of British blues rock. ''''''''Trick Or Treat'''''''' was the band''''''''s fourth album and in some ways their swansong. It was an unusual creation, being effectively the soundtrack to a fairly successful heavy metal horror film, issued November 1986, one month after the film''''''''s commercial release. Amazingly, the album contains a brace of raw recordings that hark back to the praised debut and 2nd albums. It was an approach that had been somewhat shelved with their previous, more melodic, record, but throwing caution to the wind their thick raunchy sound is firmly back on track, allowing ''''''''Fast'''''''' Eddie to rip it up in fine form, and Dave King''''''''s vocals to take centre stage. Songs such as ''''''''Get Tough'''''''', ''''''''Stand Up'''''''' and ''''''''Don''''''''t Stop The Fight'''''''' are high water marks in a career that should have seen them rise to super stardom.

1 Trick or Treat
2 After Midnight
3 Don''''''''t Stop the Fight
4 Stand Up
5 Tear Down the Walls
6 Get Tough
7 Hold on to the Night
8 Heft
9 If You Could See