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CHRIS POLAND - Metalopolis 2 Cd Set Remastered

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the former Megadeth guitarist''''s 1990 solo debut, Return To Metalopolis. Originally released on Enigma Records in 1990, Metalopolis was Poland''''s return to the stage after his 1987 departure from Megadeth. Regarded by many as an unsung shred masterpiece, Metalopolis showcases Poland''''s signature jazz-infused thrash/rock style, in a collection of timeless instrumental compositions. Bonus material includes live tracks that originally appeared on the out-of-print 2007 release Return To Metalopolis Live, plus three brand new tracks recorded in 2019, featuring the rhythm section of Carlos Cruz and Chase Bryant of Warbringer.

- Disc 1

1 Club Ded
2 Alexandria
3 Return to Metalopolis
4 Heinous Interruptus
5 The Fall of Babylon
6 Row of Crows
7 Theatre of the Damned
8 Beelzebub Bop
9 Apparition Station
10 Khazad Dum

- Disc 2 -

1 Leaving Metalopolis
2 Eminence
3 My Adventures in the 100 Watt Domain
4 Final Days Ft Mary Magill
5 Return to Metalopolis
6 Khazad Dum
7 Psycho Boy
8 Nightmare Hall
9 Theatre of the Damned