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TRICK OR TREAT - The Legend Of The XII Saints

Legendary tales by the Italian masters of power metal!
12 epic songs for 12 legendary knights, one for every zodiac''''''''s sign! This time, Trick or Treat were looking for something new and different, something that they have never done before: a concept-album loosely based on the ‘Saint Seya’ anime, and more precisely on The Legend of the 12 Gold Saints of the Zodiac saga. Each song is a monographic work that delves into the personality of the knights and the compelling plot that binds all the characters to the goddess Athena. On their long-awaited sixth studio album the happy metal crusaders have once again managed to forge an epic and entertaining sonic tale, enriched by majestic orchestrations, refined arrangements and catchy refrains.

1. Ave Athena (intro)
2. ARIES Stardust Revolution
3. TAURUS Great Horn
4. GEMINI Another Dimension
5. CANCER Underworld Wave
6. LEO Lightning Plasma
7. VIRGO Tenbu Horin
8. LIBRA One Hundred Dragons Force
9. SCORPIO Scarlet Needle
10. SAGITTER Golden Arrow
11. CAPRICORN Excalibur
12. AQUARIUS Diamond Dust
13. PISCES Bloody Rose
14. Last Hour (The Redemption)