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WILDSIDE - Under The Influence - Remastered -

Remastered version - Full booklet - A monstrous album ala Hardline, War Babies, Wrecking Crew, Roxy Blue that was released when the awful Grunge appeared. Originally named Young Gunns, this Los Angeles quintet formed in 1991 and were snapped up by Capitol for an album deal almost immediately. Drummer Jimmy D. had previously played in Los Angeles band NRG before they became Graveyard Train and signed to Geffen. Bassist Marc Simon is ex-ST Valentine. The group promoted the Andy Johns produced ''''''''Under The Influence'''''''' album (featuring the track ''''''''Clock Strikes'''''''' co-written with KISS main man Paul Stanley) with an American tour on a bill that also included Babylon A.D and Roxy Blue. The group had previously played dates with Four Horsemen. After the band split Brent Woods replaced Steve Stevens in the Vince Neil Band.

1 Hang on Lucy
2 So Far Away
3 Monkey See, Monkey Do
4 Just Another Night
5 Looks Like Love
6 Lad in Sin
7 Hair of the Dog
8 Heart N'''''''' Soul
9 Kiss This Love Goodbye
10 Clock Strikes