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HARDBONE - No Frills - 2 Cd Set -

HARDBONE’s fifth studio album sounds bigger, more modern and more like what the band represents than ever before. Recorded live at historic Chameleon Studios, it comprises all ingredients of a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll cocktail: Loud guitars, groove and ultimate passion. In collaboration with producer Eike Freese, this unites in a guitar thunderstorm, which unloads with maximum energy. It is literally tangible how the five guys act together in the studio, doing what they live and love. The result tells its own tale: 12 songs, which do not leave anything open. No frills.

1. Bang Goes the Money
2. Off the Beaten Track
3. Too Hot
4. A Man in His Prime
5. Breaking the Chains
6. To Hell
7. Holy Water
8. Less Talk, Less Bull
9. Boys'''''''''''''''' Night Out
10. Back in the Day
11. Beastlike