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CLOVEN HOOF - Age Of Steel

The name of Cloven Hoof''''s brand new studio album is "Age Of Steel". And what a fitting title it is! Bassist and main man Lee Payne takes over the story: "I personally feel it is our best ever release, it really is a tour de force with every song a total killer! The album features the return of the ''''Dominator'''' character, who has been genetically brought back to life to wield death and destruction across the galaxy. His empire is restored to it''''s former glory and the story will conclude on the album after this, so watch this space! The concept album is back!"

1 Bathory
2 Alderley Edge
3 Apathy
4 Touch the Rainbow
5 Bedlam
6 Ascension
7 Gods of War
8 Victim of the Furies
9 Judas
10 Age of Steel