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LIONHEART - The Reality Of Miracles

Founded in 1980 the band still consists of the four founding members Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden), Steve Mann (Michael Schenker Fest), Rocky Newton (ex-McAuley Schenker Group), Clive Edwards (ex-UFO) and Lee Small (ex-Shy / ex-Phenomena) Lionheart were considered the first NWOBHM supergroup and celebrated worldwide success on joint tours with greats such as "Def Leppard", "Whitesnake" and "Saxon" as well as at the biggest international festivals. The 13 songs on "The Reality Of Miracles" offer timeless, powerful, melodic hard rock at the highest level.

1 Salvation
2 Thine Is the Kingdom
3 High Plains Drifter
4 The Reality of Miracles
5 Five Tribes
6 Behind the Wall
7 All I Want Is You
8 Widows
9 Kingdom of the East
10 Outlaws of the Western World
11 Overdrive
12 The First Man
13 Still It Rains on Planet Earth (Lacrimosa)