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MARK BOALS - Best Of All The Best Ring Of Fire

Respected metal vocalist Mark Boals will release a two-album ‘best of’ collection, “All The Best!”, Covering his work as both a solo artist and with his band Ring Of Fire on October 9, 2020.

Doug Aldrich, Tony MacAlpine, Jeff Kollman, Neil Citron, Vitalij Kuprij, Vinny Appice, Virgil Donati, Erik Norlander, Chris Brooks, and Steve Weingart make up the list of musicians who have recorded with him over the years.

CD1-Mark Boals

1. Jane 2.
Broken Heart
3. I’m Sorry
4. My Turn
5. Find Our Way
6. Ring Of Fire
7. Death Row
8. Keeper Of The Flame
9. Alone
10. Battle Of The Titans
11. Betrayed
12. Lady Babylon
13. Between Two Mirrors
14. Through The Endless Night
15. Up To You
16. Garden Of Pain

CD2 – Ring Of Fire
1. Circle Of Time
2. The Oracle
3. Take Me Home
4. My Deja Vu
5. Blue Sky
6. Ghost Of America
7. Invisible Man
8. Lapse Of Reality
9. You Were There
10. Perfect World
11. Darkfall
12. Mother Russia
13. Land Of Frozen Tears
14. Our World