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NOW OR NEVER - III - Pretty Maids Nightmare

Now or Never was formed in 2012 by guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids) and bassist Kenn Jackson (ex-Pretty Maids) with vocalist Jo Amore (Nightmare). They play epic tracks with destructively dirty riffs and catchy melodies, crowned by a singer who is rightly described as bloodcurdling. Sound technically III is more subtle, but with a heavy rhythm. III is the best of both worlds, melodic but heavy! Now Or Never embody the development from HardRock to modern Heavy Metal. Metalheads with the desire for harder PRETTY MAIDS should definitely have a go at this.

01 Intro
02 Two Worlds Away
03 Woman In The Dark
04 Until We Say Goodbye
05 Circle Of Pain
06 Eyesof A Child
07 Point Of No Return
08 Another Story
09 Ordinary World
10 Another Chance
11 Afterlife