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JAYCE LANDBERG - The Forbidden World W Goran Edman

Featuring a powerful and delivered voice by former Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Göran Edman and nearly every instrument played by multi-instrumentalist Jayce Landberg, “The Forbidden World” constitutes a pure, energetic, heavy and delicate album.

It was recorded in Switzerland and California, mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, and combines a variety of styles. The album is likely to appeal to fans of Queen, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Evanescence, The Rasmus, as well as fans of the more modern rock scene.
Lyrically, it feeds on mysticism and religious mythology.


1. Promise of Asgaard 5: 04
2. Never Love Again 4: 18
3. Happy 4 U 4: 38
4. Don’t Believe 4: 29
5. Russian Roulette 3: 39
6. Ghosts of Venus 5: 14
7. God is Dead 5:10
8.Jealousy 5:16
9. Vyktorya 9:51