PRICE: $16.99

BABYLON BOMBS - Doin' The Nasty


Swedish sleaze rock upstarts Babylon Bombs might be as much about slamming back other people’s cheap Scandinavian lager at a party they weren’t even invited to as they are about just about anything else, but give this bunch a chance and you truly won’t find yourself giving a solitary shit.

With almost every single song being near-impossible to forget after a few listens this is infectious and bulky party rock ‘n’ roll at it’s very finest. “Jaded Heart”, “Louder”, “Hometown Hero” and “Drop the Bomb” might not last all that long in practice, but just like the first drunken sexual fumble you had at little Sammy’s birthday party, your granddad’s allotment or the ball pit at a south coast McDonalds, it’ll stay in your head for a whole lot longer. And though at no point do the Babylon Bombs even attempt to reinvent the wheel, the fact that they’ve done such a good job of keeping it turning will doubtlessly please Motley Crue and Skidrow fans no end.

Almost bursting at the seams with mouth-drooling goodness, “Doin’ You Nasty” is the finest set of lungs, on the hottest girl at the dirtiest party you’ve ever been to.