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AVANTASIA - Scarecrow

"The Scarecrow" is maybe the most ambitious that Tobi ever touched. Just read the list of participants and your knees will tremble: Eric Singer from KISS on drums and vocals, Guest Vocals by Amanda Somerville, Jorn Lande, Alice Cooper (!), Roy Khan, Oliver Hartmann Michael Kiske, Bob Catley (and more!) plus guest Guitar parts by Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS). A legendary combination!

"The Scarecrow" is the most mature work of Tobi by now. The album is driven by an incredible diversity. From Symphonic Speed Metal to catchy (Hard) Rock you will find everything on this audio-revolution. Tobi and his backing band did an incredible job in every way: Songwriting, production, musicality. "The Scarecrow" is setting the standard in Metal nowadays and should establish Tobi Sammet as one of THE forces of the scene.

With this new era of AVANTASIA, Tobi offers everything from Hard Rock, Stadium Rock, RockīnīRoll, New Rock to Melodic metal and even Speed Metal – stuff to dream to, stuff to bang your head to.